Research Institute of New Social Sciences

Cancer and Science Policy Research for Public Interest


Our programs constitute of social science research on:
1.  Organizational Mechanisms on Translational Science
2.  Social Science Frameworks on Management and Distributive Justice 
3.  Cancer/science Policy Frameworks

1. Research on Organizational Mechanisms on Translational Science
Translational medicine is a process of applying discoveries and preclinical studies to human studies to  improve patients' care and population health. All stages of the spectrum build upon and inform the others ( See,
We research science policy and organization frameworks for the sound translation of discoveries. We are researching frameworks which can also transferrable to other fields.


2. Research on Social Science Frameworks on Management and Distributive Justice

There are systemic issues that prevent all the people with molecular mutation diseases from receiving adequate cares promptly (See, Pereira et al. 1997; Institute of Medicine 2014, among others).

This research program incorporates elements of ethics and morality to theories of management to address issues.

3.    Research on Cancer/ Science Policy Frameworks

The third program is to analyze cancer/ science policy frameworks. It will map actual patterns and desired consequences, based on appropriate theoretical frameworks, and seek successful directions.