Research Institute of New Social Sciences

Cancer and Science Policy Research for Public Interest

​​​​​​​ Engagement

(i)  Conduct social science research committed to National Academy of Medicine (2014) Recommendations.

Submitted a Statement of Commitment to Institute of Medicine (National Academy of Medicine):

Updated Statement of Research Commitment to National Academy of Medicine to Recommendations of Institute of Medicine (2014) in: Assessing Progress in End-of-Life and Serious Illness Care, National Academy of Medicine. 2016: 87-94.

The first Statement of Commitment  


(ii)  Joined, as working group member, Post Trial Responsibility Working Group at Multi- Regional Clinical Trial Center of Harvard and Brigham and Women's Hospital.
​The focus is ethics principles/ ethical frameworks.

Guidance Document version 1 was uploaded. See:

MRCT Center Post-Trial Responsibilities Framework

Continued Access to Investigational Medicines

Guidance Document


Financial Documents

Financial documents are available at Duns & Bradstreet (NY); Office of the Attorney General, Massachusetts. .

​​​Publications (peer-reviewed)

Okada, E. (2018/ 2019). Management of knowledge-intensive organizations: Governance models for transformative discovery.

    New York: Palgrave Mcmillan/ Cham, Switzerland: Springer. 


​ Chapter 1: Okada, E. Introduction (pp. 1-23)

 Chapter 2: Okada, E. Translational science and boundary conceptualization (pp. 27-54).

​ Chapter 3: Okada, E. Trusteeship governance and challenges to scientific knowledge-intensive organizations (pp. 55-72).

​ Chapter 4: Okada, E. Institutional barriers and governance (75-98).

​ Chapter 5: Okada, E. Research policy and knowledge-intensive organization (pp. 99-126).

 Chapter 6:  Okada, E. New governance models for discoveries of vaccine science.(pp. 127-155).

​ Chapter 7:  Okada, E. Science and insights from humanistic disciplines (159-182).

​ Chapter 8: Okada, E. Conclusion. (pp. 183-198).

Okada E.(2018). Knowledge corruption and governance in academic knowledge-intensive organizations: The case of

molecular mutations research, Journal of Public Affairs, 18(1).

Presentation (peer- reviewed)

   Okada, E. (2019). Transnational and comparative dimensions of stem cell science policy. Global Experts Meeting on Frontiers in 

   Cell & Stem Cell Research. New York, April 18-20, 2019.  

   Okada, E. (2017). International Conference: Responsible Organization in the Global Context,
   Georgetown University and Universite de Versailles, Washington, D.C., June 15-16, 2017. 

  Okada, E. (2015). The Third Annual Conference on Governance of Emerging Technologies: Law, Policy

  and Ethics, Arizona State University Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law,  May 26-28, 2015.

 Okada, E. (2014, postponed to Sept. 2015). The International Multidiscipline Conference on Arts, Science and Technology, Boston, MA.

Working Paper

Okada, E. Working Paper No. 2017-3, Jul. 20, 2017
Okada, E. Working Paper No. 2017-2, May 31, 2017.
​Okada, E. Working Paper No. 2017-1, Mar. 31, 2017
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