Research Institute of New Social Sciences

Cancer and Science Policy Research for Public Interest

The Boston Cancer Policy Institute has two divisions: research division and governance division. The research division conducts socials science research on organizational and institutional mechanisms that will contribute to the sound  translation of discoveries. The governance division conducts internal reviews on whether research programs/ projects are performed with integrity, results are disseminated properly, and funds are used adequately. In this manner, we will realize highly qualified advanced studies, contribute to disciplinary knowledge/ scholarly literature, while assuring research integrity.




Almuni - Research Assistant

Katherine A. Buellesbach- Student Intern (June 3rd, 2013 -July 26th, 2013)

Student at Harvard University

Social Science Research ​​​Division                                        

Senior Fellow                                  

Ellie Okada, Ph.D.

Senior Fellow, President                                  

Management in New Social Sciences, Organization Governance,

Science Policy



​​​​Governance Division

Chairs of Boards

Robert A. Adelson, J.D., Director, Chair of Boards

Joseph A, Richmond, CPA, Director, Treasurer 

Board Members

Robert A. Adelson, JD.

Marcia V. Fournier, Ph.D. (Cancer biology)

Ellie Okada, Ph.D.

Joseph A. Richmond, CPA